Mommy, Me, Mine

My mother told me over and over again I could be anything I wanted and along the way I should always do my best because then I wouldn’t have any regrets.

She was right on all counts.

I dreamed of med school because science is fascinating.  I took Latin in High School to prepare for the medical terms I would learn in college. I was preparing to make a dream a reality.

The Universe made a different decision for me.  I became a mother at 18 and med school stayed a dream for a long time.  I let the dream go about 10 years ago when I realized I would have to dissect insects that I am frankly terrified of looking at never mind actually touching them.

Long before then, my dream changed.  In drips and drabs I began to realize writing story is what I want to do and do well. So I changed my dream. I still could have gone to med school even at 43, but to what end? I can write a doctor into my story and she’ll have better hours and much more time with her kids.

Making a dream come true.

Like my mother I told my kids they could be whatever they wanted and I would be there for them.  I support them through whatever comes and step back when they need to be on their own (wringing my hands as I watch from a distance).  They too are like me as I am like my Mom – dreamers seizing their day.

Carpe diem et desiderium nusquam

(loosely translated:  Seize the Day and Regret Nothing)


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