Not sure if I know: 9/11

Not sure I know.

Anxiety builds, I am still here 11 years since 9/11 became more than just a Tuesday.

Crystal isn’t blue, but the blue sky cracked like crystal into fragments left on air conditioners, on pavement, on rooftops, and in minds. I’m still here in the same company on the same floor doing a different job.

It was a crack that changed a planet, like a quake.  But where is the fault line now and where was it before?

I want to say the line came from a bush, but then I’d have to say which one and since both burned in a different way, I can only say I’m still here.  Glad of it these 11 years, but the anxiety feels like it’s filling up the blue balloon we live on.

It seems to be bursting from pin pricks of casings dropped from guns big and small.

What does it mean to still be here at all?


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